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Sage Line 50 Password Recovery

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Have you lost or forgotten your Sage Line 50 Manager password ?

If so, we can recover it for you for a fee of 30 + VAT.

Please fill in the following form or email us at info@line50pw.co.uk. You should note that we will carry out a security check which could include phoning your Managing Director or Senior Partner.

We now accept payment over the internet using PayPal. For more information click here to visit the PayPal UK web site.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can my accounts data be damaged by the recovery ?
No, you send us a copy of one of your data files and we tell you what the password is.
How do you do it ?
We are not telling. However, it does help to have a mother who worked for the code breakers at Bletchley Park during the war !!
Can you see all my financial data ?
No, the file you send us does not contain any financial data.
We are forensic accountants and I am concerned about "chain of evidence" ?
Because you only have to send us a copy of one of the data files we don't become part of the chain of evidence.